Footy Tipping Rules

Rundles Footy Tipping Competition

The Rundles Footy Tipping Competition is back for 2021. This year we will continue to have a weekly prize for any tipster who manages to successfully tip every match in a round. There are also end-of-year prizes for the top three tipsters.

The rules and regulations for the 2021 competition are as follows:

  • The entry fee is $50.00, payable by Round 1 (Thursday 18th March).
  • Weekly prize of $20.00 for any tipster who successfully tips every winner in a round. If no one successfully tips every winner in the round the weekly prize will jackpot to the next round. In the event that two or more tipsters successfully tip every winner the weekly prize shall be split equally. If there are multiple winning tipsters and the weekly prize splits to less than $10 each, the prize monies shall jack pot to the next round.
  • The prize break-up at the end of the season is:
    • 1st: 5/8 of pool
    • 2nd: 2/8 of pool
    • 3rd: 1/8 of pool
  • In the event of a tie, the prize money will be pooled and distributed among the participants on equal points. For instance, if 3 tippers finish in equal 1st place the entire prize pool will be distributed 3 ways. As a further example, if there is an outright winner and a tie for 2nd, the prize money for 2nd and 3rd will be pooled and split between the tippers tied in 2nd.
  • In the event of a drawn game no point will be awarded.
  • Tippers who forget to submit their tips will receive the lowest score for the round.

We are also running the "One Tip" competition again.

The fee for the competition will be $46.00 ($2.00 per round x 23 rounds this season). The rules are as follows:

  1. Choose one winner from each round of matches.
  2. You may NOT pick the same team to win, or against the same team to win, two weeks in a row.
  3. You cannot pick the team that is on top of the ladder at the commencement of the round to win. (However, you may pick against the team that is on top of the ladder).
  4. You cannot pick a team to win that is playing the team that is on the bottom of the ladder at the commencement of that round. (However you may pick the bottom of the ladder team to win).
  5. Only a winner may be selected, not a loser or a draw.
  6. A competitor is eliminated from the competition when his or her tip is incorrect. The last remaining competitor is the winner.
  7. The remaining competitor takes the prize pool which accrues in value by $2.00 per competitor per week (e.g. winning in Round 5 at $2.00 per competitor x 20 competitors equals a prize of $200.00). The prize pool is reset and competition resumes for all competitors once a winner is found.
  8. If all remaining competitors are eliminated in the same round then those competitors share the current prize pool.
  9. The entire season fees are due by the 18th March. It is mandatory to register for the full season.

Tips for each round must be received no later than 10 minutes before the commencement of the first game of the round. Please note that in some cases the first game of the round will be a Thursday. Tips can be transmitted by one of the following mediums to Jacob of our office:

Results for each round and a current ladder will posted directly onto the Rundles web page ( on the first working day subsequent to the conclusion of each round.

You are also welcome to invite friends and family to join our competition.

Please note that in the event of a dispute, the organisers decision is final.

If you have any queries or would like more information please contact Jacob.

If you would like to be part of the 2021 competition please complete and return the application form with payment to Rundles no later than 18th March.

For a copy of the form, please email

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